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Precision Vapor Barriers includes duct inspections as a part of our free* inspection to help guide you on the best approach to take to fix any problems

Air Duct Inspections

air duct inspectionsPrecision Vapor Barriers will inspect your air ducts as an additional service to our valued customers. Torn air ducts are one of the greatest culprits when it comes to your mobile or manufactured homes’ air quality and energy costs. Torn air ducts allow  microscopic spores of mold into your home, this can have serious medical implications on the dwellers, especially if affected by respiratory issues like asthma.

5 things affected by leaking air ducts

  • Leaking ducts cause higher energy bills
  • Leaking ducts can increase the need for HVAC-related repairs
  • Leaking ducts create air quality problems
  • Leaking ducts clog your air filters at an alarming rate
  • Leaking ducts create hot and cold spots in your home

Torn air ducts are a major culprit when it comes to wasting your money causing your A/C or heating system to run unnecessarily.  Torn air ducts waste valuable energy and at the same time place additional wear and tear on your A/C or heating system.

A Precision Vapor Barriers professional will inspect your air ducts as he inspects the crawlspace or underside of your mobile or manufactured home. Once inspected, your Precision Vapor Barriers professional will report back to you the condition of your homes air ducts.  We do this to help inform our valued customers as these faults could present health issues.  Your Precision Vapor Barriers professional can help guide you in finding a solution to your faulty air ducts.

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    worn vapor barriers

    Worn Barriers

    Old or torn vapor barriers can cause irritating and expensive damage to your homes floors by allowing moisture to invade your floors. If left unchecked you may notice costly soft spots developing. Call Precision Vapor Barriers and let our team repair your damaged vapor barrier before more inconvenient and costly issues arise.

    Old Insulation

    Old Insulation

    A crawl space vapor barrier system accompanied with insulation replacement eliminates crawlspace moisture and fights the growth of molds. A new vapor barrier helps to drastically improve the air quality in your home. A new vapor barrier protects the structural integrity of your floors & helps eliminate pest infestation by eliminating moisture. A new vapor barrier used in conjunction with new insulation will save you money on monthly energy costs.

    worn vapor barriers

    Bad Air Ducts

    Do you have leaking air ducts? Are you wasting money every month due to leaks or damage to your air ducts? Let Precision Vapor Barriers inspect old air ducts. We can inspect for faulty or damaged air ducts that may be under your mobile or manufactured home. Precision Vapor Barriers can guide you on how best to replace worn and damaged ducts, helping you to ultimately save money on monthly energy costs, while also improving your homes comfort and livability.

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    *It’s required for the homeowner to be present at the time of the free estimate. If the home is currently on the market or in escrow, a fee will be collected at the time of inspection to go toward the cost of repairs.