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Moisture can cause serious and expensive damage to your mobile or manufactured home.

Precision Vapor Barriers: Moisture Reduction

moisture reductionMoisture in your crawl space can greatly affect your homes air quality by promoting the growth of dangerous molds and fungus.  Florida’s high levels of humidity add to the possibility of damage caused by moisture in your home.  Other than the dangers of mold and fungus, moisture can cause expensive issues to your homes floors and sub-frame.


High humidity increases the likelihood of air-borne irritants. When people react to allergens in the air, they often come down with sniffles, watery eyes, and may develop a skin irritation in some cases.

If one of your families is continually struggling with allergies in the house, it may be a sign of high humidity. The moisture in the air collects and spreads dust mites and mold spores.

If your allergies are worse indoors than they are outdoors, it is a good indicator that you need to reduce the level of humidity in your mobile home.

Mold Spots and Scavenger Hunt

Mold spots form when moisture cannot escape from a certain area. Humidity will increase the speed at which these grow and spread.

Foggin’ Up

Condensation is a huge sign of excessive humidity in your mobile home. What looks like water will start to form on metal or cool surfaces:

  • Glass jars, nic-knacks, etc.
  • Faucets and Water Spouts
  • Windows

This can eventually lead to rust, mildew, and stains.


If you are catching whiffs of a musty smell around your home, that could be caused by too much moisture in the air. Musty odors come from mildew and mold, which both grow and spread due to high moisture levels.

Bulges Under Siding

Moisture in the air that can’t escape due to well-locked seals will force its way through the interior wall. As a result, it will damage your siding and create bulges on the exterior walls of your home, eventually bending and warping the siding.

You will also be able to tell when you have excess humidity when blisters and bubbles begin to form on exterior areas you have painted. All these problems are the result of high humidity. Humidity can be disastrous to a mobile home.  It can lighten your wallet and make you sick too!  It can lead to respiratory problems and black mold which can be deadly if not tended to quickly.

Carpets, wood flooring, wood joints and frames, paint, siding, pipes, canned goods, and ceilings can all be damaged from excess moisture in the air.

High humidity can also lead to fungus and rust that causes mechanical failures in HVAC systems and plumbing.

Don’t let moisture win, let Precision Vapor Barriers help you with moisture reduction today!

Precision Vapor Barriers can install a new vapor barrier accompanied by a dehumidifier.  A dehumidifier, when used in conjunction with a new vapor barrier by Precision Vapor Barriers, can greatly lower the levels of moisture under your mobile or manufactured home.  Saving you money by eliminating the need for costly repairs in the future.

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worn vapor barriers

Worn Barriers

Old or torn vapor barriers can cause irritating and expensive damage to your homes floors by allowing moisture to invade your floors. If left unchecked you may notice costly soft spots developing. Call Precision Vapor Barriers and let our team repair your damaged vapor barrier before more inconvenient and costly issues arise.

Old Insulation

Old Insulation

A crawl space vapor barrier system accompanied with insulation replacement eliminates crawlspace moisture and fights the growth of molds. A new vapor barrier helps to drastically improve the air quality in your home. A new vapor barrier protects the structural integrity of your floors & helps eliminate pest infestation by eliminating moisture. A new vapor barrier used in conjunction with new insulation will save you money on monthly energy costs.

worn vapor barriers

Bad Air Ducts

Do you have leaking air ducts? Are you wasting money every month due to leaks or damage to your air ducts? Let Precision Vapor Barriers inspect old air ducts. We can inspect for faulty or damaged air ducts that may be under your mobile or manufactured home. Precision Vapor Barriers can guide you on how best to replace worn and damaged ducts, helping you to ultimately save money on monthly energy costs, while also improving your homes comfort and livability.

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