Advantages to Vapor Barrier Installation

Why a Vapor Barrier Installation by Precision Vapor Barriers is so Important.

Did you know that all mobile or manufactured homes are built off the ground to some degree? This space can allow moisture to invade, promoting mold and fungus growth.  Especially in Florida, due to such a high humidity percentage and frequency of rain and storms, a well installed vapor barrier is a must.

This space can also foster pest infestations, whereupon critters can tear your mobile or manufactured homes existing vapor barrier and nest in your existing insulation.  This can cause frustrating damage, while decreasing your mobile or manufactured homes ability to remain efficient.  Critter infestation can also cause unnecessary damage to any wiring under your mobile or manufactured home, as pests nibble for nesting material.

Moisture can become your floors greatest enemy.  Over time it can promote the growth of often times, dangerous molds and fungi (and I’m not talking about the “fun guy” at your last social event).  This can lead to poor air quality in your mobile or manufactured home.  Even worse it can cause some serious health risks/issues…especially if anyone in the home suffers from any sort of medical respiratory issues, like asthma!

A new vapor barrier from Precision Vapor Barriers can truly help limit you, and your family’s health risks.  Sealing out moisture so as not to promote the growth of  molds and fungus is important.

Besides the obvious health risks, moisture can weaken structural supports and cause pesky soft spots in your mobile or manufactured homes floors.  Unfortunately, if those soft sport go unaddressed, over time, can become holes.  Causing expensive damage to you mobile or manufactured home.

These are just a few reasons to have your mobile or manufactured homes underbelly “dressed for success” by Precision Vapor Barriers.  With a free* inspection and estimate, its just makes sense.  Precision Vapor Barriers is here to responsibly inform you of any issues; and if necessary address any vapor barrier issues your mobile or manufactured home may be suffering from.

A new vapor barrier by Precision Vapor Barriers, used in conjunction with insulation repair/replacement (if necessary) can greatly help you save money and improve your homes comfort and livability.

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worn vapor barriers

Worn Barriers

Old or torn vapor barriers can cause irritating and expensive damage to your homes floors by allowing moisture to invade your floors. If left unchecked you may notice costly soft spots developing. Call Precision Vapor Barriers and let our team repair your damaged vapor barrier before more inconvenient and costly issues arise.

Old Insulation

Old Insulation

A crawl space vapor barrier system accompanied with insulation replacement eliminates crawlspace moisture and fights the growth of molds. A new vapor barrier helps to drastically improve the air quality in your home. A new vapor barrier protects the structural integrity of your floors & helps eliminate pest infestation by eliminating moisture. A new vapor barrier used in conjunction with new insulation will save you money on monthly energy costs.

worn vapor barriers

Bad Air Ducts

Do you have leaking air ducts? Are you wasting money every month due to leaks or damage to your air ducts? Let Precision Vapor Barriers inspect old air ducts. We can inspect for faulty or damaged air ducts that may be under your mobile or manufactured home. Precision Vapor Barriers can guide you on how best to replace worn and damaged ducts, helping you to ultimately save money on monthly energy costs, while also improving your homes comfort and livability.

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